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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Lucas and Maria are a husband and wife team working together to build community through visual storytelling.  It was their desire as a couple to dive into advanced thoughts about creating more meaningful connections with each other and the planet that brought them together. They enjoy exploring new places, meeting new people, discovering more empowering relationships with nature, and uncovering the mysteries of sacred sites and technology. 


Lucas is the man behind the camera. He is a skilled videographer and charismatic leader  that makes everyone feel welcome, relaxed,  and even comfortable in front of the camera. Lucas enjoys capturing his unique perspective of the world through his camera lens.  He started out as a small business owner. Later,  he dove into the world of music as a DJ which led him to the wedding industry. He is a successful wedding videographer and has since realized his passion for shooting documentaries and working with small businesses. He loves spontaneity, thrives on adventure and doesn’t hesitate to jump into  the car and drive cross-country to capture a good story. These characteristics are not always  in harmony with the inflexible scheduling requirements of the  wedding industry. Therefore,  Lucas is expanding his role as a filmmaker beyond weddings and is now opening his schedule to allow for more opportunities filming documentaries and working with small businesses. He loves bringing people together and capturing empowering stories so if you have a great story you’d like to share don’t hesitate to give us a call. In terms of his role in the company, Lucas is a filmmaker, the main shooter, editor, technology guru, lighting master,  musical director,  interviewer, and quite honestly the personality behind 5D Media. He is also the one you will catch telling bad dad jokes to make you laugh on camera.  


Maria is the visionary and artist behind 5D Media. Her role as a teacher and oil painter led her to the work of self realization and empowerment. Her passion in life is to assist others in connecting more with their true nature.  In addition to being a second shooter and artistic director, she is consistently training to be a clear channel both verbally and visually. Maria  is fully committed to sharing information, wisdom, and positive energy in a grounded way within all of her work. She is currently an artistic director, interviewer,  second shooter for 5D media, a teacher, a visual artist, content creator and energy worker. She is also the queen of hyperbole and loves a good pun.

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