Maria and Lucas

Artist and Videographer


About Our Work

My name is Lucas and together with my fiancé Maria we are excited to introduce you to 5D Media. I started 5D Media to create a fun way to combine my love of music, psychology, physics and storytelling with my dedication to bringing people together. Maria and I are here to share the power of storytelling in this intense time of change. At a global level, we believe we are reaching the end of a cycle of negativity and limitation. It is as though we are being catapulted into a monumental shift. Nothing brings me more excitement than picking up my camera and capturing this transition.

About 20 years ago I started out as an entrepreneur focused on money and material growth. I had everything I wanted and yet I was depressed and unmotivated.  After experiencing a rather heartbreaking awakening, I let go of my old limiting identity to pursue the wonders of the inner self and a new 5D paradigm. 


Wonderful things are happening all the time. It is our goal to BE present & capture it so that all aspects of your story can be shared. Each of our films is unique. We treat each project as a work of art based on you. Whether it's a feature film unpacking your personal journey, or a documentary around a life changing event or product, or even your captivating love story we are here to connect your audience with the laughter, the tears, and the joy of your journey.  


Products and Services

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Interview Based Films

Interview based films are powerful for a wide range of applications. Genuine expressions are key, so we intentionally create a comfortable setting and a relaxed conversational interview. Applying the art of editing, we reflect the emotions connected to your brand. These films are designed to inspire!

Wedding Films

Every moment is unique, let us capture the ones that mean the most to you. We have more than a decade of experience with all aspects of sound, lighting, video and coordination of weddings.



Events Services

Connect with your audience through:

  • Live Sound (PA and DJ)

  • Stage Lighting

  • Live and Quick Turn Around Video



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